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May 30, 2011
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What is pride?

I have pride in what I am
I feel power in my heart
I am bigger than you say
I have power in what I am

Rise Above
I have pride in what I do
I can rise above their words
Why should I care what they think?
I will never underestimate what I do

I Am Beautiful
I have pride in my beauty
I will never doubt I was made in His image
As a great woman once said, I'm beautiful in my way
What I am is beautiful

I have pride in what I dream
I know my Father's on my side
Him and I accomplish anything and everything
I always dare to dream

I have pride in what I feel
I enlighten those who have been blinded
My purpose is to teach
I will enlighten those who do not feel

What is pride?

Pride is me
I am pride
We stand tall together
You, my brothers and sisters, grasp my hand
We are pride

We are one

And they can never take that away

With power, determination, true beauty, daring, and enlightenment,

There will be

A brighter day

Pride is us
The photo used is this [link]

Last night me and ~olivia2919 had a really long talk about gay rights and equality, and I was talking about how I really feel my purpose in life is to fight for this cause. Realizing this, I knew at my young age, the first step is to speak out.

But gay people aren't the only ones faced with problems.

So I left this open-ended, with not a specific target audience.

We should all have pride in what we are :heart:

Comments are appreciated :love: I kinda put my soul into this~
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This is a fantastic poem, Betty Betty! Flawless.
Hee hee thanks ^^ It's my personal favorite of everything I've done.
Teehee! How do you get the picture at the top of the poem?
After you post the text, click the "preview image" button.
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